Grounding Yourself

by Ana Scherer


Challenging experiences can leave us feeling a bit hectic and all over the place.  It is important to check in with our feelings and get back to our center whenever we feel off balance.

A few tips from my tool box for quickly getting back to the present moment:

  1. Walk with your bare feet on grass, sand or the sea, or sit yourself down in a park close to or touching trees.
  2. Eat root veggies!  Integrate carrots, beets, ginger, turnips etc. into your diet. As well as being extremely nutritious, they will help to ground you and keep you present.
  3. Use essential Oils.  Just as crystals carry a stable frequency, so do high quality essential oils. My personal favorites for grounding are sandalwood, patchouli and chamomile. There are different ways the oils can be used. They can rubbed directly onto your body, diffused into your space, or even added to neutral shower gels.
  4. Breathe deeply!  Count to four to inhale and once again when you exhale.  Do it a few times until you feel yourself slowly relaxing.
  5. And my personal favorite:  Get moving!  Jump, go for a run or for a swim, dance, stretch or do some yoga asanas.


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