High Performance Coaching

Attention Professional Expat Women!

Do any of these statements describe your current situation?

statements - alone

I feel VERY alone and I don’t know how to get to the next level in my career or find my new career.

statements - covid

In this new COVID reality, I fear I will not see my loved ones again for a long while; this brings me A LOT of anxiety.

statements - alert

I feel a lot of pressure because I am the sole bread winner in our family at the moment.

statements - worried

I am constantly worried about my family and about my children not flourishing at school.

statements - money

I am worried about not making enough money to support ourselves going forward.

statements - time

I don’t feel I am spending enough time with my family.

statements - frustrate

I am worried my partner will not find a proper job.

statements - looser

I am afraid of losing my job.

If any of these statements describe what you are going through right now, there is hope and help right here!

Ana Scherer Coach

Ana Scherer

High Performance Coaching

My name is Ana Scherer and I help professional expat women upgrade their businesses and careers, stop worrying about money, navigate the new COVID reality,  and find the courage to make smart changes in their lives.

Through the "Woman Who Rise Program" you will:

Have a trusted support system that helps you gain confidence and clarity about your next career move.

Develop strong and healthy relationships with your loved ones during these difficult pandemic times.

Feel secure in your job and have reserves so that your sustenance and that of your family is guaranteed, freeing you from anxiety.

Meet your needs now so that you feel peaceful and strong to face your future with confidence.

Become the best professional you can be so that you can make a real difference in your work today.

Feel peaceful knowing that you and your family are all in your individual paths learning and growing each day.

Feel confident and walk with your head high knowing that you have what it takes to succeed in life according to your own terms.

Develop a healthy relationship with money allowing it to flow in and out of your life with ease and grace.

If this describes you and you want to book a Rediscover Your Purpose Session, feel free to do so by clicking on my CALENDAR BUTTON and I will be happy to talk to you about the Women Who Rise program or answer any questions you might have.

Ly Gour, Hong Kong

“I didn’t realise how much I needed Ana in my life at that particular point in time until I finally reached out after having been given a referral a couple months before.

There was a pivotal life change (career) and a significant set back (fertility) that I was grappling with. Then there were the numerous little trials and tribulations that is just life, but wear at you silently but persistently. It all became a little overwhelming. Ana helped me to decompress and reframe it all so that each became manageable and not complete misfortunes but an opportunities.

Always being a goal oriented and results driven person, it was revelational to find how easy these attributes waned when the project was myself and my own well-being. This is a key female attribute: to deprioritise  ourselves to cater to everyone and everything else. Coaching with Ana was the investment in myself I wish I had made sooner. She held me accountable to myself in the most non-judgemental and motivational way. Most importantly, Ana genuinely cares and is fully invested in being able to help other women achieve the successes that we ourselves define; not those that society or other external entities impose on us!  Thanks again Ana!”

Ly Gour

Financial Industry

Martike, Hong Kong

With the help of our group coaching sessions I have been propelled forward to find a space in myself.  A space where I was empowered and a space that prepared me perfectly to receive the gifts that I needed to quantum leap and enable myself to live life standing in my own truth.  It is amazing how the dynamics within our group has shown me so many gifts through each of our personal processes.  Thank you Ana for your presence and  trusting space provided for our growth.

Martike G.

Business Owner

Nilda, USA

Being stuck is not very fun; however it can be a great place to learn about oneself and to grow.  I was stuck and Ana helped me paint a clear picture for my life.  I became clear about my goals and my direction with just two months of coaching!  I’ve never felt so heard and acknowledged as I did during our sessions.  Definitely recommend Ana as a coach!

Nilda L.

TV Producer ESPN

Pamela, USA

Learning that I was letting my needs drive me was an eye-opening experience!  Finding ways to meet my needs in a healthy manner, allowed me to uncover my values and live from them.  What a difference!  My life turned around 180 degrees and today I am a very different person than the one I was 6 months ago.  Ana was a great guide and a beautiful teacher.  Her coaching was imperative for me to become the person I am today – a person I love and respect!  Thanks Ana for your coaching and for being a model to me!

Pamela P.

Fund raising director at Miami Art Museum

Nicole, Hong Kong – (SAR) China

“I have have had the pleasure to know Ana for the last 9 years. She has always been someone whom I admire, respect & look up to.

After a life altering experience I decided that I needed some level headed support on how to navigate my challenges, make a new plan and how to move forward when I felt completely isolated. We have been working together for many months now and the results are incredible. Ana has had the ability to help me see my situation through different eyes, taught me how to breakdown these situations to understand what is for me to work through and what is for others, guided, supported and walked me through many times where I felt utterly out of control and lost. Ana has allowed a safe and honest place for me to be vulnerable, given me the tools to help build my confidence, to think more proactively, to come from a place of love and compassion for myself and others and to see things with more clarity. I appreciate I still have a lot to learn and there is no quick fix to my situation, however all of the invaluable skills I have learned with Ana have really broadened my perspective. I am enjoying this learning process a lot and months later I am finally getting more excited for what the future holds for me!

I trust Ana implicitly and know I am being supported by the absolute very best!!”

Nicole Burak

Coiffeuse Extraordinaire
nbc canada
l'occitane en provence
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balmain paris
time out hong kong
associação israelita catarinense
jewish women's association
nbc canada
l'occitane en provence
natixis bank
balmain paris
time out hong kong
associação israelita catarinense
jewish women's association
Ana Scherer Coach

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